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TravelPanama.EU is the number # 1 online travel guide for Panama in the European area. Entering essential keywords that relate with Panama (destinations, information, etc.), the website ranks constantly on the first page in Google. We offer over 200 pages of high quality travel information about Panama. Our website is designed to inform the visitor about this country serving him as many details as possible. We permanently update the content of our website and feed our social media platforms. Our website is absolute user friendly and all our content is easy to find.

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One of our biggest features is that we keep creating new content in order to provide the latest and best information you can find. We are constantly sharing our search engine optimized content on the internet and over our social media platforms. The network of TravelPanama offers huge benefits to businesses like hotels, tour operators, restaurants, bars, car rentals etc.

Statistics presented by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP)

According to the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) each tourist spends an average of $ 125.00 per day for the duration of their stay in the isthmus. Each visitor spends in Panama about eight days, and this has impacted positively on both the occupation of rooms in the capital city, which has grown by 2% during the first half of the year, as well as admission to the Tocumen International Airport. 

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) presented the following statistics for 2012 (Visitor from January until August 2012): 856,000 North Americans, 381,000 South Americans, 88,000 Europeans, 25,000 Asians and 21,000 Antilleans. Thus, the government has posted a 10.3% increase in foreign exchange earnings to the country in the first half compared to the same period last year. The Europeans are the tourists that spend the most compared to the rest of the travelers, an average three times more than the Americans during their ten days stay This includes not only acommodation in a hotel, but also shopping, transportation, meals, etc. If it comes to beach hotels the spending is a lot higher and is estimated an average of $ 2,500.

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About 90% of our visitors live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The rest comes from other parts of Europe, Central America and the US. We have 80% new and 20% returning visitors. 95% of our users refer our website on the search engines Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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