Coral Cay

As one of many other islands Cayo Coral is located directly at the frontier to Costa Rica in the Caribbean zone of Panama. This area is

well-known due to its large cultural and biological variety, its numerous islands and bays and the wideness of the surrounding coral reef. It is one of few places throughout the world where snorkelling is possible on almost every day of the year. The island Cayo Coral is a small, very flat island surrounded by coral deposits. As the coral reefs are still in a very good condition, the little island is a popular destination of tourists. A little group of insulars who had established themselves on the island have developed it further. By the time the island Cayo Coral disposes of some houses, but also a number of very simple accommodations which are particularly rented and sought by tourists.
Indulging in culinary delights, you will be entirely fascinated by the Caribbean food. Fish as well as seafood is always freshly prepared and offered on the island. Snorkelling is one of the popular leisure activities particularly as there are hardly any waves and current. Moreover the water is very clear due to the coral formations.

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