The province of Chiriqui is located in the west of Panama. In the north of Chiriqui you will find the province of Bocas del Toro; in the west Chiriqui borders with Costa Rica, in the east with the province of Veraguas and in the south it lies along the Pacific Coast. 400.000 people are living in Chiriquí featuring an area of 6.476,2 km². The provincial capital David does not only represent the third largest town of Panama with its approx. 120.000 inhabitants, but also the economic engine of the country. Due to the extremely changing climate in Chiriqui a lot of fruits, flowers, vegetable and tobacco can be cultivated. Furthermore this area is used for horse- and cattle breeding. Chiriqui is known for its great variety of flowers and one of the best coffee beans all over the world. This province of Chiriqui is characterised by having the highest contrasts of Panama. It does not only have a very long coastline, but also 3000 m high mountains. Thanks to this varied scenery you are offered everything you are dreaming of. Be sure that it will never become boring there! Your attention will mainly be focussed on the three small villages which considerably contribute to the popularity of this region: Volcan, Cerro Punta and Boquete. The charming little town Volcan is located close to the inactive volcano "Volcan Baru". With a height of 3475 meters it is the highest mountain of Panama and a part of Volcan Baru National Park.


Volcan Panama

Volcàn is a town in a distance of 32 km to Panamericana, i.e. it is located in the middle of the Central American state Panama which in


Isla Boca Brava

Boca Brava

Boca Brava is located in the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Chiriqui. It is one of many islands which can be reached from the port of Boca Chica.


Cerro Punta

Cerro Punta

A rather steep and winding road in the western part of the province capital town David near to the small farming town will lead you towards the north to


Las Lajas

Las Lajas

The sand beach Playa Las Lajas – crowded with palms - at the Pacific coast of Panama is one of the most beautiful places in Las Lajas.



David Panama

In former times the Chiriqui were a nation settled in the west of Panama. Their culture became known due to various grave-finds with different



Boquete Panama

The district Boquete is divided into six further administration units: Bajo Boquete, Alto Boquete, Palmira, Los Naranjos, Boquete and Caldera.


La Barqueta

Barqueta Beach

La Barqueta, a coastal region in the province Chiriqui, is located in the western part of Panama. It can be reached by car within 40 minutes



Concepcion Panama

Concepcion is located in the west of the capital town David in the Panamanian province Chiriqui close to the frontier to Costa Rica.


Boca Chica

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a small fishing village in the very south of the province Chiriqui, which offers several little accommodations, restaurants and a



Things to do in Chiriqui

Chiriqui is due to its landscape and climate one of the most diverse  provinces of Panama. The highly abundant nature in this region is world famous and will amaze all its visitors. Because of the extremely favorable geographical location and the pleasant climatic conditions Chiriqui has developed a stunning biodiversity and invites to various activities:

Trekking - The highlands of Chiriqui is a perfect place for day trips or trekking tours. Especially Boquete and Volcan are suitable for such trips as a starting point. There are countless routes take one through dense jungle, past waterfalls and panorama viewpoints. On the way you will often spot a lot of different exotic animals such as sloths, jaguars, and hundreds of bird species.

Canopy - A unique way to discover the the flora and fauna of this region. This special wire rope allows you to have an incredible view of Chiriquis nature and its inhabitants. In Boquete, there are many ways to do Canopy Tours.

Birding - Chiriqui and particularly its plateau is known for its large number of bird species. In the tropical forest of this region are very many ornamental and native singingbirds and can be observed with a good eye and a little bit of patience, for example, toucans, parrots and even the very rare Harpy Eagle. Also the Quetzal, with its magnificent plumage, which is very popular among birdwatchers, can be observed very often in Chiriquis misty forests, especially in International Park La Amistad.

Whale watching - Chiriqui has not only fantastic highlands, but also miles of Pacific coastline. Especially in the months of August to December a lot of whales can be spottet even from the shore. In the winter months it attracts the whales of the southern and northern hemispheres to warmer waters, where they mate and calve. The local fishermen already prepared themselves and specialized offering whale watching tours.

Snorkelling - The Pacific coast of Chiriqui is long and owns  a large number of islands. Snorkelers and divers have discovered the region of the Marine National Park Gulf of Chiriqui for years for themselves. The national park is home to many large islands with coral reefs and a very colorful and vibrant underwater world.

Surfing - Surfing can also be done in Chiriqui. The best beach for this activity is La Barqueta. La Barqueta offers constantly decent waves almost all year long. Also recommended by a lot of surfers is peninsula of Punta Burica and Las Lajas.

Deep Sea Fishing - The abundance of fish in Chiriquis waters has not gone unnoticed. Fans of Big Game fishing and anglers enjoy the best conditions there and because of that many tour Operator have settled there and offer multi-day boat trips.

Highlights of Chiriqui

  •  Boquete - The small town of Boquete is the highlight of Chiriqui and is the starting point of many trekkin tours. Boquete is also called the city of flowers and rainbows. You can also find the best coffee of the country in Boquete.

  •  La Amistad National Park - This park consists of dense tropical cloud forest and is home to animals such as the jaguar, the harpy Eagle and the magnificent Quetzal.

  •  Marine National Park Gulf of Chiriqui - This national park is home to numerous islands and offers divers, anglers and holiday maker divine conditions. The island of Boca Brava is a very popular destination for relaxing at the beach and snorkeling.

How to get to Chiriqui?

By plane - From San Jose, Costa Rica to David, there are daily flights. The local airline AirPanama flies at least twice a day from Panama City to David. The planes take off from Albrook airport.

By bus - Several buses go from the bus station Albrook in Panama City directly to David. The trip takes about 6 hours. From David you can take minibuses that bring you to Boquete, Boca Chica, or Volcan.

By car - The journey to David with the car is just like traveling by bus.

Panama Travel Tip

Don’t miss a trip to the province of Chiriqui to get to know one of the most beautiful and diverse provinces of Panama. The climatic conditions are perfect for travellers of higher ages.

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