Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a small fishing village in the very south of the province Chiriqui, which offers several little accommodations, restaurants and a

port. The locals behave in a very frank and hearty manner. Due to the humid-tropical climate the extremely rank vegetation offers a breath-taking variety. Extending to the beaches, the dense tropical rain forest in combination with the blue-green sea makes the location a unique place. Most tourists arriving at Boca Chica continue travelling by boat to the islands Boca Brava, Isla Parida, Islas Secas or Coiba Island. The island Boca Brava is in closest vicinity and can be reached by speed boat within only approx. 10 minutes. Also further excursions to e.g. the La Amistad International Park or Boquete can be arranged very easily from there. The region around the Gulf of Chiriqui – being very rich of fish - is an absolute insiders’ tip among the fishermen. Large shoals of tuna and the blue marlins – being in great demand – are available in the water around Boca Chica.

How to get there?

Unless you dispose of a rental car, Boca Chica can best be reached by bus. Every day several buses go to David from Panama City within about six hours. Upon your arrival at David you will need another hour to go to Boca Chica by a smaller bus.

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