Boquete Panama

The district Boquete is divided into six further administration units: Bajo Boquete, Alto Boquete, Palmira, Los Naranjos, Boquete and Caldera.

The capital of the district is Alto Boquete, which is, however, simply called "Boquete" in most cases. The small town has about 6.500 inhabitants and is located in a distance of about 40km to the provincial capital David. The citizens of Boquete affectionately call it „the valley of the eternal rainbow“ as several rainbows are said to frequently appear there at the same time.

The highlands of Chiriqui enjoy increasing popularity

There are several reasons why Boquete is on the one hand such a popular touristic destination and on the other hand chosen as residence home by emigrants and retirees all over the world. The climate represents one of the main factors, which is easily to withstand with an average annual temperature of approx. 20°C and almost daily occurring drizzling rain in the evening. Apart from the climate Boquete is well-known for its first-class coffee, flowers – among them roses, orchids and chrysanthemums – and strawberries. As the flagships of the town are extensively celebrated, the "Feria de las Flores y del Cafe" and "Feria de las Orchideas" take place every year.

I would like to go to Boquete, but how?

Leaving Panama, you can go to Boquete either by bus, plane or car. There are daily flights from Panama City to David, the capital of Chiriqui. From here Boquete can be reached by bus within very short.

Hint of TravelPanama

The region Boquete is really one of Panama’s highlights. The small town looks like a sea of flowers; its lively citizens feel a great affinity to their region.

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