Cerro Punta

A rather steep and winding road in the western part of the province capital town David near to the small farming town will lead you towards the north to

the Talamanca Cordilleras. Having passed by magnificent haciendas on a way of about 50 km, you will arrive at Volcan on a high plateau in a height of 1200m. The landscape rapidly changes from cleared grasslands to dense and lushly green vegetation. In a distance of 7 km from the small town Bambito, which only consists of a few holiday homes and one hotel, you will reach Cerro Punta. This very pretty and well-maintained location with its marvellous gardens is a real eye candy. Furthermore it is the starting-point for going to the La Amistad International Park - biosphere reserve of Unesco since 1983 – with cypresses, cedars and gigantic oaks in the unspoilt cloud- and rain forest. Apart from 263 amphibian species various mammals are living there as e.g. jaguar, ocelot, tapir and a few different monkey species. In Volcan and Cerra Punta a very lovingly hotel has been established whose Panamanian-American owners will provide you with a rich and comprehensive breakfast.

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