David Panama

In former times the Chiriqui were a nation settled in the west of Panama. Their culture became known due to various grave-finds with different

sculptures such as e.g. hand-painted ceramics, fine golden figures, jaguar-shaped rocks and Tumbaga ornaments. Tumbaga is an alloy consisting of gold and copper (up to 70%). The people of Chiquiri dealt in these treasures and thus arrived at Yucatan. At that time Yucatan was also called Yucal Peten or Mayab (= “country of maya”) in the national language Mayathan. Till today neither houses nor accommodations of the Chiquiri could be found.
Furthermore there is a volcano – dead for a very long time – called Volcàn Barù or Volcàn de Chiquiri which – being 3475 m high – is the highest mountain of Panama. Comprising 13 subordinate provinces the province Chiriqui has an area of 6.477 km². A population density of 64 inhabitants per square kilometre results from a total of 406.000 inhabitants. Chiriqui’s capital town is David being called San Josè de David according to documents. Featuring an average temperature of more than 30° Celsius it is the hottest town of Panama. While in former times cattle-breeding and farming were the main activities carried out in David, nowadays excursions to the close surroundings and the highlands are mainly offered by Josè de David. During these tours you are going to Boquete, Volcan Baru National Park as well as to the islands of Golfo de Chiriqui. In particular the town disposes of its own airport, the Aeropuerto Enrice Malek.

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