Volcan Panama

Volcàn is a town in a distance of 32 km to Panamericana, i.e. it is located in the middle of the Central American state Panama which in

turn is in the province Chiriqui. Volcan is located on a high plateau in a height of approx. 1200 m and has about 12.000 inhabitants in accordance with the count in the year 2006. The dead volcano “Volcàn Barù“ is close to Volcàn. The town name is due to the volcano. Due to its enormous height of 3475 m it is a popular destination for excursions within easy reach such as i.e. the Volcan Baru National Park. This park offers inviting opportunities for camping, biking and pure enjoying of the unique landscape. In the west of the town Volcàn the small town Cerro Punta can be visited, in the east of Volcàn you may go to Bajo Boquete. The legendary Quetztal-Trail connects these two valleys. As indicated by the name, you may – depending on the season - possibly have the chance to observe the famous “Quetzal”-bird in the cloud forest. This bird with its scarlet-red and green coat was declared the national bird of Panama and is considered the attraction of the eco-tourism. Four further genera of this species are living in Latin America.

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