The province of Cocle in the west of Panama City can be reached within 1-2 hours. During the last years its importance as a touristic destination has really increased. In former times agriculture was the main economic sector. the population was living on the cultivation of sugar cane and tomatoes. The largest town of Coclé is Penenomé which, however, only plays an essential role during the Carnival season. Buses travelling to other, more popular destinations such as Veraguas, Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro often stop here. Cocle is divided into 6 districts: Aguadulce, Anton, La Pintada, Natá, Olá and Penenome. As the tourism in this province increases year by year, many of the locals have already adjusted to the rising number of visitors. Particularly in the mountainous part of the province - Anton Valley (El Valle de Anton) - the tourism is booming. Due to its elevated location you can enjoy a fresh and pleasantly cool climate there. As Cocle is situated at the coast, you will also find very beautiful beaches as for example El Farallón. El Farallón is a popular beach at the Pacific Ocean which is within easy reach and furthermore most suitable for swimming and sunbathing.  One highlight, however, is the beach Playa Santa Clara which is distinguished by its azure water.

Rio Hato

Rio Hato

Rio Hato is located in the province of Cocle and is a small village of about 5000 inhabitants. It belongs to the district of Anton and is




Penonomé, the capital town of the province Coclé in Panama, is located at the Pan American Highway which crosses this province.


El Valle de Anton

Anton Valley

El Valle de Anton is one of the most picturesque and climatically pleasant villages of Panama. It is situated in the province of Coclé


Playa Santa Clara

Santa Clara Beach

Santa Clara Beach is located in Santa Clara, in the province Coclé, close to Panama City. The ocean at Santa Clara Beach is rather calm –



Things to do in Cocle

Cocle is, very similar to Chiriqui, a province with very high contrast. Especially The climate and the landscape of the province vary greatly. In Cocle there is a touristically well developed highland region where the locals attach great importance to sustainable eco-tourism and wellness. In contrast to Cocles Coastline at the Pacific Ocean, that is characterized more by large hotel resorts where you can spend your all-inclusive vacations.

Trekking - Especially the highlands of Cocle are renowned for its excellent hiking trails. The landscape is simply breathtaking and teeming with life. Here it seems that nature has to be perfectly in tact and is reflected in its greatest splendor. The sheer number of orchids and butterflies in this region are already a proof to this immense biodiversity. El Valle de Anton offers a lot in terms of trekking. From there, a variety of hikes to waterfalls, rivers, caves and viewpoints are offered.

Bird Watching - The bird lovers in Cocle get their money's worth. The highly abundant nature is home to many species of birds. Here you can spot plenty of toucans, parrots, hummingbirds, motmots, eagles and singingbirds.

Rafting - Rafting is also a very popular activity in Cocle. The River Rio Grande offers the perfect conditions for kayaking or river rafting. It passes through tropical jungle and the best rafting season is between June and December.

Beach vacation - Cocle is, thanks to the beaches of Playa Blanca, El Farallon and Playa Santa Clara, the number one beach holiday destination in Panama. With its white sandy beaches and its turquoise waters Cocle is highly attractive for countless tourists from around the world. There are mainly large hotel resorts with all inclusive offers and packages.

Canopy - Also in Cocle, there is a canopy zip line, which allows visitors to look at the vast landscape of the region from several meters height. Particularly in El Valle de Anton or Anton Vally this activity is exercised.

Wellness and Spa - The highlands of Cocle are blessed due to its higher elevation with pleasant climate and moderate temperatures. Therefore the concept and offers of numerous hotels focus on health and wellness. Some hotels have their own spa and pamper guests with massages, sauna and thermal springs.

Yoga - Who, other than relaxing and unwinding, also wants to do something for physical fitness has, in many hotels the opportunity to practice yoga, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Highlights in Cocle

  •  Pacific Coast of Cocle - Playa Blanca, Playa Santa Clara and El Farallon are beautiful beaches with white sand and azure blue sea. There are the most exclusive hotel resorts throughout Panama.

  •  El Valle de Anton - This idyllic mountain village is located several hundred meters above sea level and attracts many hikers and ecotourists. Every Sunday, in addition there is a weekly market where you can buy a lot of typical local crafts.

  •  Highlands of Penonome - The Highlands of Penonome are very interesting because they have remained very natural and undeveloped. The inhabitants are predominantly indigineous origin and work in tourism or maintain themselves with agriculture. There are also many rivers, waterfalls and animals to admire

How to get to Cocle?

By plane - The airport in Rio Hato is currently under construction. The airport is expected to receive charter flights very soon, which will bring tourists to the hotel resorts on the beach.

By bus - There are several buses that run from Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City directly to Penonome. You can also take buses, e.g. that go to Chitre, Las Tablas or David. They all will make a stop in Penonome.

By car - The journey to Cocle by car is just like travelling by bus.

Panama Travel Tip

For cultural enthusiasts Coclé is of course a must. Archaeological finds in the archaeological site of El Cano are evidence of a very ancient and sophisticated pre-Columbian culture. The well-preserved remnants of this ancient civilization are to marvel at the Museo de Penenomé.

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