Anton Valley

El Valle de Anton is one of the most picturesque and climatically pleasant villages of Panama. It is situated in the province of Coclé

in the crater of an extinct volcano and can be reached from Panama City within approx. 2 hours. Going uphill to El Valle Panama on an approx. 25 km long road you will first become aware of the cool fresh air and the wonderful, hilly landscape. Thanks to the perfect conditions for farming everything – from mango trees to tropical ferns - is growing there. Furthermore it is a wonderful paradise for singing birds, hummingbirds and butterflies.

El Valle de Anton – the Perfect Destination for a Week-end Trip Beloved by Young and Old

Particularly during the week-end El Valle de Anton is visited by locals who intend to recreate there. But there is also a lot to be experienced. Pottery and fresh fruits are offered at the roadside. Snake-lovers will be enthusiastic about a Serpentario (snake house) where all snake species living in the entire country can be watched in terrariums against payment of 1-2$.

A Botanic Garden in the Centre of El Valle de Anton – La Hacienda del Nispero

La Hacienda del Nispero is a botanic garden of approx. 12 hectares. In addition to a small zoo accommodated in this garden the highlight is the cultivation of orchids which impress with their colours and extraordinary shapes. Furthermore you are given the opportunity to marvel at the increasingly infrequent number of  “Rana Dorada“ (golden frog). The market – situated in the centre of the village El Valle – takes place every Sunday, where in addition to a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables textile products, carvings, earthenware and small wristlets are offered to the tourists.  

El Valle de Anton – A Combination of Adventures and Wellness

Two waterfalls can be watched on the path “India Dormida“ - you can also use them to refresh yourself. “Chorro El Macho“ is the most beautiful waterfall which you can reach on a small path via the jungle. Adventuresome tourists have the possibility to watch sloths and about 130 various bird species during a canopy tour. The tour takes approx. one hour and costs $40 per person. Moreover El Valle de Anton disposes of a small spa with hot thermal springs where you are given the opportunity to apply health clay.  Local showers and changing rooms are available. Therefore don’t forget your swimwear and a towel on a trip to this destination!

I would like to go there, but how?

El Valle de Anton can be reached from Panama City by bus or by car. As the small village is located in Coclé, you won’t need more than about one hour. As usually, the bus going to El Valle de Anton leaves from the bus station in Albrook.

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