Penonomé, the capital town of the province Coclé in Panama, is located at the Pan American Highway which crosses this province.

More than 21.700 inhabitants are living in these flat and woodless surroundings. The town was founded in 1581; its name - “Penó nomé“ in  the national language – is to be translated with “Nomé was executed“. According to history Nomé, a chief of one of the local Indian tribes, was killed by a Spanish colonial officer.  In the year 1671 the town was the capital town of Panama for a short period of time, after Henry Morgan had captured it. Penonomé’s population comprises Chinese, Mestizos and Afro-Americans. In the town centre you will find the local government and a small museum. Flat shares for young people, operated by the SOS Children’s Villages and financed by the Hermann Gmeiner fund, have been established. As two major roads, La Avendida Juan Demmóstenes Arosemena and Interamericana, are crossing Penenomé, a lot of Panamanian towns can be reached by bus from Penemoné. For example, you can go by bus to Panama City within 2,5 hours at a price of $5. Some beautiful beaches of Panama are located near to Penemoné with Santa Clara Beach and Playa Farrallon being the most known. Numerous hotels were built in the neighbourhood – some of them can even be described as first-class hotels.

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