Rio Hato

Rio Hato is located in the province of Cocle and is a small village of about 5000 inhabitants. It belongs to the district of Anton and is

fairly close to the Pacific coast of Panama. The name Rio Hato (engl. River Hato) comes from the numerous rivers that exist in this area.

Tourism in the area of Rio Hato has great potential

Due to its proximity to many tourist destinations Rio Hato enjoys an extremely convenient location. The plateau of El Valle de Anton and the beautiful mountain landscape of Penonome are not even an hour away. The climate there is very mild and cool and is a pleasant change from the tropical heat in the shallower areas of Panama. Even the wonderful Pacific beaches of Cocle, such as El Farallon, Playa Blanca and Sant Clara are just a stone's throw away. The white sand beaches with turquoise blue sea is a very popular destination within local and foreign tourists. Especially the big hotel chains with their All Inclusive offers have discovered this region. The Riviera of Cocle already is one of
the top destinations in Panama. During good swell it also attracts many surfers to these beaches. You can practise your surfing skills pretty well, since there are mostly beach breaks, with no dangerous rocks or corals.

Rio Hato gets a new airport

The United States Air Force was established a military airfield in Rio Hato during the Second World War. Although this airfield was officially closed in 1948, the Americans used it along with the Howard Air Force Base until 1990 as a landing station for their military aircraft. Since August 2011, a new airport in Rio Hato is now being built, which will receive mainly European and American charter airlines. It is hoped to improve the influx of tourists to the still very undeveloped provinces of Panama - the so-called interior of the country.

Top destinations near Rio Hato:

Anton Valley, La Pintada, El Farallon, Santa Clara Beach, Playa Blanca, Aguadulce

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