The region which is commonly known as "Darién" goes far beyond the province of Darién, comprising the entire east of Panama with exception of the Comarca Guna Yala (Kuna Yala) and the San Blas Islands. According to the locals Darién appears magical in several aspects. This area represents one of the last important zones of unspoilt tropical nature of our planet. Due to its incredible diversity of animal and plant species this region is described as biosphere reserve and declared as Natural World Heritage by UNESCO. Having an area of 16.672 km² the province of Darién is by far the largest province in Panama. With only 40.000 people living in the province, it is extremely sparsely populated. Darien National Park is gigantic with an area of 579.000 hectares, which is covered by wilderness and dense jungle close to the Colombian border. This province comprises the most comprehensive lowland of tropical forest along the Central American Pacific Coast. Darién’s major attractions are the magnificent tropical forests and their incredible variety of species. Eco-tourists are mostly attracted by hiking tours, trekking tours and bird watching. But there are also a few remote towns along the coast of Darién with accessible beaches and coral reefs. Darien offers also many spots for activities like big game and deep sea fishing. Piñas Bay is internationall reknown for its richness in fish.

La Palma

La Palma

La Palma is the capital of the province of Darién. It is not located near the Panamericana, but very isolated on the Pacific Ocean close to




Jaqué is located on the Pacific coast of Panama in the province of Darien. It is a tiny fsihing village with a very unique flair. The boarder to


Pinas Bay

Piñas Bay (Bahia Piñas) is located in the province Darién, only about 56km away from the Colombian frontier. Piñas Bay is known



Things to do in Darien

The Darien Province is one of the most untouched and undeveloped areas of the country. Here ends the famous Panamericana and impenetrable jungle forms the natural border with Colombia. The province of Darien is a veritable playground for adventurers, amateur biologists and eco-tourists.

Trekking - The breathtaking natural beauty of the Darien attract each year many adventurers who are in search of wild and untouched nature. Hiking and trekking tours through the jungle, which often last several days, are offered throughout the year. Popular starting points are for example the provincial capital La Palma, Meteti or Jaque.

Tours to the indigenous tribes - The Darien is home to many indigenous tribes of Panama, who maintain themselves mainly by farming and hunting. The Embera and Wounaan are two of those tribes who have a number of settlements in the jungles of Darien, which can be visited with a local guide and get into direct contact with their culture and traditions.

Birding and wildlife observation - The Darien was not declared World Heritage by UNESCO with no reason. The entire ecosystem and biodiversity of this region is unique. This ocean of several meters high giant trees and dense lush green is home to countless bird and mammal species, such as: sloths, jaguars, ocelots, howler monkeys, macaws, toucans and even the largest and most powerful raptor of the Americas - the Harpy Eagle. There are also many species of snakes and lizards, from which one should take heed.

Deep Sea Fishing - Bahia Pinas, also called Pinas Bay is located on the Pacific coast of Panama not far from the border to Colombia. The bay is famous for its abundance of fish and offers perfect conditions for deep sea and big game fishing. Anyone who has ever dreamed to catch a tuna, a roosterfish or even a blue or a black marlin can book even several-day fishing trips.

Highlights of Darien

  •  Darien National Park - The Darien National Park is an absolute highlight. More adventure, more wildlife and more nature, you won't get anywhere else.

  •  Bahia Pinas - This bay is a paradise for deep-sea angler. Marlins, Tunas, Rooster Fish and sharks are highly common in these waters. Over 300 IGFA world records have been set so far in Piñas Bay.

  •  Indigenous Villages - The indigenous communities of the Embera and Wounaan are of great interest because of their remoteness and the long distance to civilization. Their customs, the style of their huts and their proximity to nature are an absolute unique experience.

How to get to Darien?

By plane - weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays) Air Panama flies from Albrook airport to Garachine, Jaque, Pinas Bay or to Sapu.

By bus - from Albrook Bus Terminal Buses run directly to Darien Meteti. From there you can travel to Puerto Quimba, and finally take a Watertaxi to La Palma.

By car - We recommend that you avoid travelling to Darien by car on your own.

Panama Travel Tip

Because of the remoteness and partly impenetrable jungle the journey through the Darien province is anything but comfortable. Do not expect luxury and take a lot of adventuressness and courage on the journey. Also make sure you provide sufficient protection against mosquitoes.

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