Jaqué is located on the Pacific coast of Panama in the province of Darien. It is a tiny fsihing village with a very unique flair. The boarder to

Colombia is located in the east, only about 50 km away. Despite the remoteness and small size Jaqué is very lively and charming. Due to the proximity to Colombia the cultaral and ethnical mix among the residents is very colorful and remarkable. The inhabitants live mainly from fishing and, more recently, from tourism. Jaqué every year attracts more and more tourists and traveller that seek adventure. Especially the diversity of animal and plant species in this region is extraordinary and unique and inviting for exploration. Local tour guides offer a variety of excursions and hikes, such as, boat trips through the Rio Piragua, and guided hikes through the dense jungle of the Darien. Some more activities among others are Walking through pristine jungle, a visit to the nesting sites of sea turtles, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and also excursions to nearby coves and beaches. From Jaque you can visit also other interesting villages that are close. The accommodations in this village are simple and relatively inexpensive. Most have terraces that offer a wonderful view of the bay where you can watch picturesque sunsets.

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It is definitely possible to travel from Jaqué to Colombia (Jurado) by boat. However, we advise you better not to do so, because this region is very unsecure due to smugglers and Colombian rebels that settled in this area.

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