La Palma

La Palma is the capital of the province of Darién. It is not located near the Panamericana, but very isolated on the Pacific Ocean close to

the Mouth of Rio Tuira. With less than 5000 inhabitants it is more of a village than a city. Despite La Palmas small size, there is a marine port as well as an airport. La Palma is the main port for all the goods that are grown or produced in this region. Sugarcane, rice, corn and plantains are the most common goods that are harvested in this area. The few tourists who end up in La Palma are either in transit to Darien National Park or want to cross the border to Colombia. Tourism in the capital of Darién is becoming increasingly important. Many tours and hikes can be done from this city. In fact several natural reserves, that are absolutely worth to be explored, are very close from La Palma: Reserva Natural Punta Patino, Corredor Biologico Serrania de Bagre, Reserva and Reserva Forestal Canglon Hidrologica Folo del Tallo. Since several years now they are strictly protected because of their huge diversity of tree and animal species that are threatened by extinction.

TravelPanama hints

It's a little tedious to travel through the province of Darién, since there are many police checkpoints that would stop you. Moreover, the roads are in a pretty bad condition and the departure times of buses and boats are not regular at all. You should bring a lot of patience, adventurousness and flexibility for your trip.

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