Pinas Bay

Piñas Bay (Bahia Piñas) is located in the province Darién, only about 56km away from the Colombian frontier. Piñas Bay is known

throughout the world for big game fishing and deep sea fishing. As the area around Piñas Bay – the rain forest of Darién – is hardly developed and mainly occupied by Indians, it is a real, almost unspoiled miracle of nature. The region around the bay is owned by the legendary Tropic Star Lodge which ranks among the most known lodges since the beginning of fishing in Panama.

Bahia Piñas – Home of the Blue and Black Marlin

Till today more than 250 IFGA world records were set in the Piñas Bay – more than at any other location in the world. More than 40 world records are still held. The richness in fish is due to the so-called Zane Grey Riff. The most known feature of the Piñas Bay is the possibility to watch and fish the world-famous sailfish. Moreover you will find there the largest black and blue marlins of the entire Panamanian coasts. In June 2002 a group of the Tropic Star Lodge fished 1257 sailfishes in Bahia Piñas in the incredibly short period of only six days.

Fish Species in Bahia Piñas

Black marlin
Blue marlin
Pacific sailfish
Yellow fin tuna
Rooster fish
Cubera snapper
Rainbow Runner

For further information regarding the fish species and their seasonal occurrence please refer to:

I would like to go there, but how?

Piñas Bay in the province Darién is in a distance of approx. 200km to Panama City and can be reached only by boat or plane.

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