Surfing in Panama

Due to the surfing conditions in Panama you can surf there on a very high level all over the year. In addition, Panama disposes of one of

the best surfing locations in Central America. As commercial surfing is still rather undeveloped in Panama, the beaches are only rarely overcrowded, so that surfers are on their own and can practise without being disturbed. Surfers can do both in Panama, explore now beaches and breaks or attend one of the surf spots known world-wide.

Why is Panama Suitable for Surfing?

Beside the good conditions and breaks for surfing on a high level, it is possible to travel to Panama at a very favourable price due to the weakness of the Dollar. Apart from this aspect, Panama – contrary to other countries such as Costa Rica or San Salvador - disposes of a well-developed infrastructure so that the surf spots can be easily reached. Also with regard to medical care in case of accidents Panama is ahead compared with other countries in Central America.

Panama Surf Spots and Their Breaks

The provinces of Bocas del Toro, Los Santos and Veraguas are certainly some of the most known surfing regions which are not only popular among local surfers, but are also used as venue for international surfing competitions.

Panama City

Playa Las Bovedas
Panama Viejo
Playa Mojon Beach / Boca La Caja 

Atlantic- and Caribbean Coast

Bocas del Toro

Playa Bluff
Playa Bunch
Isla Carenero
Red Frog Beach


Isla Grande
Playa Grande

Pacific Coast


Playa Malibu
Playa Cerena
Frente de Teta
Punta Teta
Frente Palmar
Punta Palmar
Frente Rio Mar
Punta Rio Mar

Los Santos

Playa Lagarto
Playa El Toro
Playa Destiladeros
Playa Venao
Playa Madrono
Playa Raya
Playa Guanico
Punta Negra
Horcones Beach Break
Dos Rocas
Corto Circuito


Playa Santa Catalina
Punta Brava
Punta Roca
Cebaco Island
Coiba Island


La Barqueta
Punta Burica

I would like to go there, but how?

Click on the surf spot of your choice and you will get detailed information about surroundings and journey.

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