Chitre is the capital of the province of Herrera and is located on the eastern side of the Azuero Peninsula. This city lacks a bit of tourist

attractions and interesting sights. Before you arrive in Chitre you notice the remarkable amount of agricultural farms and cattle breeding stocks, much to the dismay of the original dense tropical vegetation. Just like Panama City, Chitre has a big variety of hotels, restaurants and small bars. In Chitre you can also visit the distillery of the popular and tasty Seco Herrerano and Ron Abuelo that is produced overthere. During the carnival week Chitre is considered one of the biggest venues of the panamanian carnival. Besides the parades you can attend many concerts of nationally known musicians during the week of carnival.

How to get to Chitre

To get to Chitre, take a direct bus from Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City. The trip takes about 4 hours

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