Playa El Agallito

Playa El Agallito is located near Chitre on the Pacific Ocean. It is not really a beach to have a swim or a sunbath. Most parts are covered

with mangroves and swampy spots. A few years ago they tried to clean the beach and make this beach attractive for tourism. Unfortunately it was only an attempt and was not completed. Playa El Agallito nevertheless enjoys great popularity among bird watchers. The area around the beach offers excellent conditions for a variety of seabirds. Each year about 35 different types of shore birds come for nesting and foraging.

How to get to Playa El Agallito.

To get to Playa El Agallito, you just take a taxi from Chitre and drive north along Avenida Herrera. The taxi ride should not cost more than $3.

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