Los Santos

The province of Los Santos in the Gulf of Panama is located on the peninsula Azuero, bordering with the provinces of Herrera and Veraguas. Los Santos is politically divided into 7 districts with Pedasi, Tonosi and Las Tablas being the most known. The capital of Los Santos is Las Tablas, a small town which is inseparably associated with the Carnival in Panama. Las Tablas is a traditional Spanish town, rich in colonial history and without doubt the stronghold of the carnival in Panama. The coast of Los Santos is about 130km long and offers plenty of beaches and islands. The most popular beaches are among others El Arenal, Las Almendras, Punta Mala and El Toro in Pedasi and El Uverito which is near to Las Tablas. Playa Venao between the districts Pedasi and Tonosi is highly favoured by surfers as numerous surfing competitions have already taken place there. 25 minutes away from Pedasi, Los Santos you will find Isla Iguana, which is frequented particularly by divers and local beach vacationers during the week-end. The Province of Los Santos is a stronghold of culture. Los Santos is famous for the manufacturing of the Pollera, the typical traditional dress of Panama. With Las Tablas as Carnival town, the province is brimming over with cultural heritages. Pay a visit to the enormous number of museums as for example the museum Belisario Porras and the Musiem Manuel F. Zarate. The dreams of eco-tourists are entirely fulfilled by the following two national parks in Los Santos: Cerro Hoya National Park and Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. Further attractions worth being mentioned are the Iglesia de San Antanacio as well as the Iglesia of Santa Librada.



Tonosi is a district in the province of Los Santos, located on the Azueros Peninsula and has its administrative headquarters in the same




Cambutal is located in the province Los Santos at the most southern point of the peninsula Azueros, surrounded by the National Park


Isla Canas


The island Isla Canas is located in the province Los Santos in the district Tonosi. The sea turtles living there use the 13 km long beach


Playa Venao

Playa Venao is a several-kilometer-long sandy beach on the Azueros Peninsula in Panama. It belongs to the province of Los


Las Tablas

Las Tablas

The province Los Santos is located in the south-eastern part of the peninsula Azuero, which borders the Pacific Ocean in the east and south.



Bucaro is a small lonesome, picturesque and lively fishing village in Panama, which is located at the estuary of the river Tonosi


Isla Iguana

Iguana Island

Iguana Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean, approx. 20 minutes away from Pedasi, the mainland of Los Santos.




Within one hour you can go by car from Las Tablas to the popular seaside resort Pedasi. It is a small town with café shops, restaurants,


Guanico Beach, Tonosi, Panama


Guanico beach is located in the province of Los santos between Bucaro and Cambutal and is very close to the little town of Pedasi


Los Santos

Things to do in Los Santos

Los Santos has a huge natural potential and is among the locals a very popular destination. Also, especially in Pedasi, many expats have established due to the wonderful climate . One thing is clear, Los Santos is in terms of touristic activities one of the most interesting provinces of Panama.

Beach holiday - Anyone who is looking for sun, beach and palm trees,  Los Santos is definitely the right place. The elongated Pacific Coast offers many white sandy beaches and some very idyllic islands. Iguana Island or Isla Iguana, for example, which is a nature reserve, is a perfect place to relax, enjoy the sun and have a swim in the sea. The small fishing village Cambutal has evolved as an important tourist magnet in recent years. The beach is picturesque, as the vegetation around it is very lush and green. In addition, there are more enchanting beaches around the village of Pedasi.

Diving and Snorkeling - Another very attractive activity in Los Santos is diving. One of the best diving conditions has Isla Iguana, which can be reached in only 15 minutes by boat. A wonderful coral reef surrounds the island and provides a spectacular underwater world. The best time for diving is from April to December, when the sea is a little more calm. Another very interesting area for diving in Los Santos is Isla Canas.

Surfing - Los Santos is the number one spot when it comes to surfing. Firstly to mention, of course, is Playa Venao. It provides excellent conditions for beginners and advanced surfers. Here, the waves can reach up to 5 meters. Other very good surfing waves offers Cambutal and the small fishing village Bucaro.

Refuge for turtles - Isla Canas is a popular nesting site of sea turtles. The island, for this reason is rigorously protected. If you are interested, you can pay a visit to the sanctuary and watch the turtles laying their eggs. Especially leatherbacks hawksbill or green sea turtles build their nests on Isla Canas.

Deep sea fishing - in the province of Los Santos, there are excellent places for deep sea fishing. The best known are Cambutal, Pedasi and especially Bucaro. Bucaro is a place dedicated 100% to  sport and deep sea fishing. Here some hotels are offering special offshore trips. The most commong fish species here are Dourados, Tunas, Marlins and Wahoo.

Whale Watching - Whale Watching only takes place at certain times. It should be taken care of, that it is sustainable whale tours and not about irresponsible tours that are destroying the very habitat of the animals and bring them into trouble. Many people think that these tours are a unique and unforgettable experience.

Carnival - Carnival in Panama is definitely something really special. In its most traditional form you can enjoy it at its best in the carnival stronghold of Las Tablas. The best Carnival event in all of Panama takes place in this wonderful town. Part of the spectacle are lots of people, traditional costumes, such as the Pollera of the women and a relaxed atmosphere.

Highlights of Los Santos

  •  Bucaro - The small fishing village has been completely dedicated to the fishery and has evolved over time into a commercial center for deep-sea and sport fishing. There are many small, charming hotels and tour operators who have fulfilled the wishes of anglers around the world.

  •  Las Tablas - Las Tablas is the provincial capital of Los Santos, and was founded in 1671. The city is known for its carnival festivities, folklore and traditions. The Carnival in Los Santos is uncomparable throughout Panama.

  •  Isla Iguana - Isla Iguana (english island of iguanas) is one of the absolute highlights of the province of Los Santos. The white sandy beaches of the island are perfect for relaxing and the turquoise water is ideal to refresh under the hot sun of Panama.
  •  Cambutal - Cambutal is located at the southernmost tip of the Azuero peninsula and is surrounded by Cerro Hoya National Park. Since years the town is famous for being a surfer's paradise. Also, sport fishing is a popular sport in Cambutal.

  •  Playa Venao - The beach Playa Venao is located not far from Pedasi. The beach is known as the venue for several internationally recognized surf events. With waves between 3 to 6 meters each, beginners and professionals, get whats their money worth.

How to get to Los Santos?

By plane - There are no direct flights to Los Santos, but there is the possibility to fly from Panama City by plane to Chitre in Herrera and from there you can drive to Las Tablas. The flight time is approximately 35 minutes to Chitre. The subsequent bus or car ride to Las Tablas is a further 30 minutes.

By bus - Buses to Los Santos start from the bus station in Albrook, Panama City. The trip takes about 5 to 6 hours.

By car - The journey with the rental car is exactly the same like travelling by bus.

Panama Travel Tip

The Province of Los Santos is a cultural highlight of Panama. The Perfect time to visit the province is during Carnival. You shouldn't miss Carnival in Panama.

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