Cambutal is located in the province Los Santos at the most southern point of the peninsula Azueros, surrounded by the National Park

Cerro Hoya, the nature protection area La Tronosa and the marine nature protection area Isla Cañas. Due to its isolation this coastal strip is still an insiders’ tip. Till today it is only visited by backpackers, surfers and fishermen. The visitors get the impression of a very traditional village with simple bamboo huts of the locals who are exclusively living on fishing. The accommodations in Cambutal were set up paying much attention to details. In order to maintain this unique natural paradise, Cambutal aims at attracting eco-tourists. As mostly wood, bamboo and palm trees are used for constructions, they perfectly harmonize with the idyllic scenery of the landscape. Despite this original construction type these picturesque huts offer all kinds of comfort to the tourists. This fishing village is ideal not only for relaxing, but also for following various activities. For example: it is popular to go riding along the black sand beach. Due to the permanently perfect waves with a height of up to 3 metres Cambutal has been highly appreciated as surfing paradise for many years. Several international surfing competitions have already taken place there. In most accommodations tourists can borrow surfboards and kayaks. Tourist also like to book daily tours on board of fisher boats. The enormous richness of fish attracts an increasing number of deep sea fisher who can realize their dreams by fishing marlins, king fish, yellow fin- and big-eye tuna in the waters around Cambutal. Moreover a lot of exotic animals and plants can be watched in Cambutal. During guided hiking-tours in the National Park Cerro Hoya howler monkeys, light-red macaws, coatis, iguanas and even big cats such as leopards and mountain lions can be met, while gigantic giant rainforest trees, colourful orchids and tropical ferns can be admired at the same time.

How can I get there?

You can go by bus from Panama City to Cambutal. Take a direct bus to Las Tablas from the bus station Albrook (approx. 4-5 hours travel time). In Las Tablas take a small bus to Tonosi (1 hour), from where minibuses go to Cambutal every hour (30 min.).

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