Guanico beach is located in the province of Los santos between Bucaro and Cambutal and is very close to the little town of Pedasi

which is home to the worldfamous Playa Venao. Even for the locals Guanico beach is still considered a secret hot spot and the therefore the same counts for tourists as well. The little village of Bucaro is constantly gaining importance because its abundant fishing grounds and its high end big game fishing opportunities throughout the whole year. Cambutal is well known in the surfer community for its waves and its environment. Guanico beach is still a secret spot that suits especially amateurs to practice surfing in a none overcrowded beach.

Guanico is a small enchanted village

The small village of Guanico has around 300 habitants. The people of Guanico make their money with fishing, farming and tourism, just like most people in the region of the Azuero Peninsula. The few people of Guanico are really friendly and helpful to foreigners. Here are only few cars, no traffic and whatnot. The small village is the perfect place to relax and chill out. The prefered means of transportation are horses and bycicles.

Guanico beach – The secret hot spot in the surf community

Due to its location and the beach break Guanico beach is especially popular within surf amateurs. The beach is very long so there are no crowded parts and there are also no stones to take care of. One can practice in peace without getting problems with professionals. The infrastructure around the beach is basic. At the beach there is a bar, where you can buy snacks and drinks. A restaurant offers a place to eat. The food is acutally very good and can be recommended. A hotel with Cabanas offers accommodations to stay a night over.

How do I get to Guanico Beach?

If you have no rental car you can reach Guanico beach by bus. There are direct connections from Las Tablas, as well as Tonosi. The drive from Las Tablas takes about two hours, while the ride from Tonosi takes 30 minutes. Two to three buses drive from Las Tablas and Tonosi to Guanico daily.

TravelPanama Tip

There is a surf camp located in Guanico beach with rooms. At the surf camp you can rent surfboards. Apart from that in the months of June to December turtles nest at Guanico beach and can be observed. 

Guanico Video

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