Las Tablas

The province Los Santos is located in the south-eastern part of the peninsula Azuero, which borders the Pacific Ocean in the east and south.

While the province Coclè is in the north of Azuero, the province Veraguas is located in the west. Apart from the fact that the most fascinating carnival of the country takes place in Las Tablas, this provincial capital town has become well-known due to its traditions, colourful costumes and folklore. This region embedded in a plain represents the agricultural centre. An absolute „must“  for being visited is Santa Librado, one of the oldest baroque churches of this country. The Plaza Central, one of the most known places in Las Tablas, is used very Sunday for folk dances and music. Every year on 19th July the statue of „Virgen de la Santa Librada“ is carried across Las Tablas in the course of a very solemn procession. Ranking among the most known festivals, the carnival in Las Tablas represents Panama’s stronghold. Every year thousands of people arrive by car and bus to attend and celebrate the colourful spectacle. About ten kilometres away from Las Tablas splendid beaches with mangrove forests along the coasts can be visited, which are also a very popular for line fishermen.

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