Within one hour you can go by car from Las Tablas to the popular seaside resort Pedasi. It is a small town with café shops, restaurants,

a bank and a postal office. The coast - in a distance of a kilometre – is the starting-point to several marvellous beaches which invite you to snorkel, dive and hike. Furthermore the guests and visitors may enjoy relaxing and sunbathing there.
The beaches of Playa El Lagarto, Playa Los Destilardos and Playa El Toro are suitable for surfing. As the islands are surrounded by coral reefs, they are frequently visited by divers. Aboard a fishing boat you may go from Playa El Arenal to the charming Iguana Island. This island, being surrounded by fascinating coral reefs as well, features most beautiful and white sand beaches. In the time from June to October you may furthermore watch humpback whales there – a gigantic natural spectacle. Isla Iguana is a nature protection area and administered by the so-called ANAM. The island name originates from the numerous iguanas which have settled there. Moreover three different species of sea turtles always return to Isla Iguana for breeding.

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