Tonosi is a district in the province of Los Santos, located on the Azueros Peninsula and has its administrative headquarters in the same

City of Tonosi. The district is divided into eleven municipalities. Tonosi, Altos de Guera, Cañas, El Bebedero, El Cacao Cambutal, Isla de Cañas, La Tronosa Flores and El Cortezo. The entire region has remained very undeveloped in terms of tourism and is considered to this day a secret spot in Panama. A few years ago they constructed a completely new street, which improved considerably the infrastructure in all the surrounding communities. Coming from Las Tablas, there are two different ways to reach Tonosi by car. One road leads through the village of Macaracas and the other meanders through the valley of Tonosi. The city of Tonosi, with its 2,000 inhabitants, can be seen as a small village. The inhabitants are devoted to agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing. Although this area is considered as one of the driest area in the Republic of Panama, they cultivate a lot of rice here. In addition, the fishing overthere is a very lucrative business. The abundance of fish is simply incomparable and therefore attracts many sport fishermen from all around the world.

In the waters of Tonosi you can practise sport fishing at the highest level

Especially the waters around Bucaro and Cambutal are very well known among the sportfishing comunity and are often accessed by the experienced captains. The most commonly fished species are tuna (Yellowfin and Big Eye), sailfish, dorado, wahoo and marlin. From June to November, many species of whales can be spotted here, which are often seen even from the shore. In the forests of Tonosi especially the howler monkeys are on the loose and draw the attention with their loud cries. A drive through the river of Tonosi is also a unique experience. Crocodiles, turtles and many species of birds can be admired here. If you want to watch turtles laying their eggs you should pay a visit to Isla Cañas. The island is strictly protected and attracts every year hundreds of nesting sea turtles. Surfing is best at Cambutal, which is about 30 minutes away from Tonosi. There are some nice Pointbreaks that create beautiful tubes when there is a good swell. Its proximity to the province of Veraguas, the mysterious and unique Cerro Hoya National Park is just a stone's throw away. The prices in restaurants and hotels are significantly below those in Pedasi and Playa Venao.

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To all the Sport fishermen: The waters surrounding the peninsula Azueros offer perfect conditions for sporfishing and deep sea fishing. In those waters you dont have to take a 2-3 hours boat ride in order to enter the fishing grounds. Since you quickly reach deep water, you can start fishing very close to the coast. This fact, of course, affects significantly the prices.
Everyone who likes to eat fish, should go to Tonosi and get delicious fresh fish at a bargain price. From tuna to congrio, from calamary to lobster in the communities of Tonosi there is everything your heart desires.

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