Real Estate in Panama

Numerous US-American emigrants have settled down in Panama – particularly those who want to do business in Panama.

Many skyscrapers of banks, insurance companies and other companies in the financial sector are characteristic of Panama City’s town shape and indicate a lucrative property market in Panama. A lot of flats, houses, premises and real estates, but also offices, apartments, mansions and other properties are offered for being acquired by interested buyers. The main investments (89,9%) in the construction sector take place in the province of Panama with its investment areas Panamá de l´Este respectively Coronado. Furthermore the so-called „Panamá-Pacifico“ construction project in the town Howard needs to be mentioned in this regard. Most investment projects are located near to the ocean due to the most favourable climatic conditions in this region. From the legal point of view the property of real estate in Panama does not bear any particular risks. Being on the highest level, the current legislation can well be compared with that of the United States. In Panama real estate is constitutionally protected - independent from the person and origin. In this respect, foreigners and natives are treated in the same way. Real estate can alternatively also be leased from the state for a limited period of time (similar to the German hereditary leasehold) – usually first for 20 years; afterwards the period of time can normally be extended.