Altos de Campana National Park

Altos de Campana National Park is located on Chame Bay at the Pacific coast in the province Panama, 50 km way from Panama City.

It was the first National Park which was established in Panama in the year 1966. It can be reached by car from Panama City in about 1,5 hours; the streets from Panama City being in parallel to the coast. Having passed by the towns La Chorrera and Capira, you will find a side road leading to the park after some further kilometres. The national park has an area of 4.925 hectares. Its climate is defined by a temperature of about 24°C and annual precipitation of approx. 2.500 mm. The park is quite hilly with its deepest point in a height of 400 m above sea level (=a.s.l.) and more than 850 m a.s.l. at its highest point in Campana where you may enjoy a great view to the Canal Lake and the mangroves at the estuary of the river Chame in Chame Point. According to the latest count Altos de Campana National Park features 198 tree species, 342 shrub species and 26 different vascular plants. In a total 1216 species of higher plants have been listed.

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