Cerro Hoya National Park

Cerro Hoya National Park is located in the provinces Veraguas and Los Santos in a distance of 350 km to Panama City. The park with

an area of 32.557 hectares was founded on the peninsula Azuero at the Pacific coast of Panama in 1985. The protected area comprise both, the low mountainous rain forest on the highest peaks and the very humid low mountain forests resp. the humid areas of a tropical forest in the lowest coastal regions. It is a coastal strip including the islands Restingue. While the mountain peak Cerro Hoyas is 1559 m high, the two neighbouring mountains are 1.534 m and 1.478 m high. The park of volcanic origin features rocks dating back from the Cretaceous period. To reach Cerro Hoya National Park, you can either go by car from Tonosi to Restingue or on board a ship.  The most important ports are Los Bozos and Restingue in Montijo. The climate at the coast is quite different from that in the mountains. While the annual average temperatures are about 26 º C at the coast with an annual precipitation rate of 2.000 mm, the temperature in the mountains amounts to approx.  20 º C and rainfalls of 4.000 mm.

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