Chagres National Park

This National Park is located to the east of the Panama Canal between the provinces Panama and Colon. Having an area of 129.000 hectares,

this park was set up to protect the tropical rain forest along the rivers being the main water source of the Panama Canal. Chagres National Park was set up with the aim to maintain the natural forest – its main component – so that water will be produced in sufficient quantity and appropriate quality. Consequently the usual operation of the Panama Canal as well as the drinking water supply to the cities Panama, Colon and La Chorrera is ensured. At the same time the power generation for Panama and Colon is guaranteed. For a further use of the canal it is necessary to maintain the water level so that each ship can pass the locks. About 52 million litres of unrecoverable soft water are to be used. As the park is close to the town, all services as well as numerous hotels and restaurants are offered to you there. For a visit of the park you have to contact a tour operator.

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