Coiba National Park

Coiba National Park is located in the Gulf of Chiriquí at the Pacific coast of Panama. Comprising of a group of 38 islands and waters

around them, it totally consists of an area of 430.825 hectares. In the year 2005 Coiba National Park was declared UNESCO World Culture Heritage and is offering well maintained natural resources. As Coiba Island was used as penal colony, there was only very limited access to the island. 80% of the natural resources merely accidentally survived on the island, without being touched by careless human beings. The surrounding waters and neighbouring islands benefit from more protection as – being subject to poaching, illegal wood harvest and other punishable acts previously, the Panamanian government did a big step forward its maintenance. Coiba National Park is administered by the Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente, ANAM (National Authority of Environment) and may only be entered upon ANAM’s approval. A number of travel operators have elaborated various offers for e.g. fishing and diving. The travel operators will help all visitors in applying the respective permits and leave from various places along the Panamanian coast.


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