Darien National Park

The National Park Darien forms a bridge between the two continents of the New World. Apart from its extraordinary variety of biotopes –

sand beaches, cliffy coasts, mangroves, swamps, low- and highland and tropical forests with a remarkable wildlife two Indian tribes are residents of this national park. It is located in the province Darien in the east of Santa Fe and the Gulf of San Miguel. 80% of it extends along the Colombian frontier, comprising a part of the Pacific coast. Darién, Sapo, Jungurudo and Pirre are mountain ranges on this side of the country, as well as the mountain chain Jurado, the lake of Tuira, the rivers Balsas, Sambu, Jaqué and a part of the river Chucunaque.
Since the year 1972 the area has been particularly protected and was declared National Park in 1980. Being a land bridge between the continents of Central- and South America, the location of this park is geographically unique. It came into being below the sea level. Two Indian tribes – about 1.000 Chocós and 200 Kuna Indians - are living in the park along the riverside, making their living from different agricultural systems.

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