El Cope National Park

El Cope National Park (in spanish: Parque Nacional General de División Omar Torrijos Herrera) is close to the town El Copé

in the province Coclé in Panama’s centre. With its area of 25.275 hectares the park covers the Continental Divide. The mostly visited area of the park features a fully developed secondary cloud forest. Particularly in the afternoon this area is usually befogged and beclouded. It is about 800 m high; it can be rather cool there, especially at night. Due to the narrowness of Panama a park visitor can enjoy the view on both, the Atlantic and the Pacific, by simply turning his head (unless it is too cloudy). The dry season is from mid-December to mid-April, but it will usually be foggy and stormy there for a long time. It is typically raining in the early afternoon and in the evening so that most of the day can be used for exploring the park. El Cope National Park is home to numerous amazing plants and animals, such as e.g. zamia, a cicada – hanging down from the trees, as well as mosses, bromeliads and orchids. More than 360 bird species – among them the hummingbird and other well-known birds – are living there.

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