La Amistad International Park

The La Amistad International Park is located in the provinces Chiriqui and Bocas Del Toro, even extending to Costa Rica. The park features a

hilly area of about 511.000 hectares in the mountains Cordillera de Talamanca. The park is famous for its cloud forests with the trees being a kind of baldachin which ensures a cool foggy atmosphere on the forest soil. Furthermore La Amistad International Park accommodates the sources of the rivers Teribe, Changuinola, Scui, Katsi and Uren. Seven of the twelve living zones of Panama are represented in this National Park which is the home of a great variety of plants, birds and animals. More than 100 species of mammals – among them various primates – are living there. La Amistad International Park protects the endangered populations of tapirs, shrews and olingos which belong to the family of coons. This park is one of the last remaining shelters for the five species of cats living in Panama including puma, ocelot and jaguar. Furthermore 91 species of amphibians are accommodated in the park. The 61 species of reptiles comprise the mountain salamander and the coral snake. Last, but not least approximately 400-600 bird species have found their home in the park.

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