Las Cruces Trail National Park

Las Cruces Trail National Park is 15 km away from the capital town Panama City and easily accessible. The park with an area of

4.590 hectares and a number of soft hills is parallel to the Panama Canal. As the park - founded in 1992 - is located between the National Park Soberania in the north and the Metropolitan Natural Park in the south, the animals can continuously move between the various protective areas. Apart from its variety of flora and fauna, magnificent water falls and some endangered species, the region is also of historical importance. The way was formerly used by the Spanish to transport gold and treasures from Peru. You will find a restored section of the road in the park with the characteristic type of paving. In the rain forest the visitor can admire gigantic specimens of floss trees (Cavanillesia platanfolia) as well as a particular species of the oak with its spectacular flowers in April and May at the end of the dry season. Furthermore Las Cruces Trail National Park accommodates a large variety of birds such as e.g. the Firstadler – a particular species of the pheasant, the reed-green macaw (Ara chloroptera) and the slaty-tailed trogon. Some of the mammals living on the trees of the rain forest are quite popular as e.g. the Nash’s titis, (Saguinus geoffroyil), the Columbian night monkey, the white-nosed coati (Nasua narica), the Central American agouti (Dasyprocta punctata), the armadillo, the green iguana, the deer and the three-toed sloth.

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