Portobelo National Park

Portobelo National Park is located at the Caribbean coast of Panama, representing a protected area with the tropical rain forest closing with

the ocean. The total area of the national park amounts to 34.846 hectares with more than 20% being in the marine area. This National Park comprises 70 km long and beautiful beaches which are among the most popular locations of Panamanian and foreign divers. This park was established to protect nature, culture and historical monuments. In the year 1980 the entire colonial structure – more known as monumental complex – with military, religious, social and cultural buildings was declared „monumental town of Americans” as world cultural heritage of UNESCO and OAS. Portobelo National Park can be reached by car from Panama City via the Transisthmian Highway in about 1,5 hours. Alternatively you can also go by plane from Albrook to France Field (Colon) in approx. 15 minutes and afterwards travel by car for another 40 minutes. Portobelo is a typical village at the coast where hotels and restaurants offering regional food have been established. You additionally have the possibility to hire diving equipment, jet-skis and boats including a travel guide service.

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