Santa Fe National Park

“The valley of water falls“ – as Santa Fé is surrounded by impressive mountains and creeks, the nickname is really justified. There are numerous

rivers and water falls within walking distance from the town to enjoy a refreshing bath there, as i.e. El Salto, El Bermejo and Alto de Piedra. Santa Fe National Park with an area of 70.000 hectares is located in the neighbourhood of Santa Fé. This untouched tropical rain forest accommodates all uncommon animals and plants including jaguars, harpy eagles and more than 3000 orchid species – every nature lover will be entirely fascinated and more than just satisfied .You can explore and discover the park on a horse’s back, starting from the village either being accompanied by a booked guide or on your own initiative. It’s really unexplored wildness, particular as only very few maps are available for this area. Less adventuresome visitors are fortunately offered a wide range of interesting places and offers at the park periphery as e.g. an excursion to Cerro Tute, the highest mountain of this region. During this tour of 10 km through Santa Fe National Park the visitors get to know a lot of tropical flowers, orchids, birds and butterflies as well as a fantastic panoramic view from various hills.

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