Sarigua National Park

Sarigua National Park is located at the coast of the Gulf of Parita in the province Herrera. Its area of 8.000 hectares is divided into three zones:

semi-desert (3.500 hectares), sea (3.000 hectares) and fragmented earth (1.500 hectares). Remainders of the oldest pre-Columbian Indian village in Panama dating back to 9.500 - 7.000 B.C. are still available in the park. Ceramics and stony objects can quite easily be found here which are analysed by scientists from all parts of the continent. Due to the salting process of the earth a desert has shown up in the national park with unique characteristics for this part of the American tropics. The section of the park belonging to the sea protects the birth zone of shrimps and other sea animals in the mangrove forests. During easy observation- and interpretation walking tours you will visit the various archaeological sites and be informed about the development of the local vegetation and its adjustment to the high temperatures and salinity level of the area. In the town Chitré – being the closest to the National Park – you will find hotels, restaurants, conducted park tours and further points of interest. The visitor centre of Sarigua National Park will provide the visitors with additional general information about the region; furthermore a specialised travel guide can be booked there.

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