Soberania National Park

With an area of 22.104 hectares, Soberania National Park is located in tropical humid forests at the banks of the Panama Canal. It can be

reached within only 20 minutes from Panama City respectively 40 minutes from Colon. More than 1.300 plants and 100 animals have found their appropriate living space in it. Due to its extremely rich bird variety this park is internationally accepted and well-known.
To reach Soberania National Park just take the Madden Street from Panama City to Gamboa, a small town next to the Panama Canal. The drive will take about 25 minutes. Due to the particular humidity of the forest a lot of different activities can be carried out, such as e.g. fishing, making professional eco-studies, bird watching and hiking along the numerous hiking trails of the park. El Charco, Camino del Oleoducto and Camino de la Plantación are only a few of numerous hike paths which the interested tourist may choose. Moreover in these areas a world record was set up: 525 different birds species could be registered during a single day. Soberania National Park additionally features a cultural and historical aspect which is worth being mentioned. The so-called Camino de Cruces Trail at the river Chagres was used in the colonial era to transport gold and silver from Peru to the various and famous masses.

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