Volcan Baru National Park

Volcan Baru National Park with an area of 14.325 hectares is located in the province Chiriqui. The park impresses with its very valuable,

geologically and ecologically important and picturesque landscape. Disposing of a biological variety, it protects some unique species in this region. In this park you will find tropical rain forests with high plateau plants respectively the leftovers of the last eruption of the volcano Baru, which is told to have happened millions of years ago. The mixture of forest and the volcanic landscape has remained unchanged. It is in line with the agricultural activities which are carried out in this height at pleasant temperatures between 10° to 20°C.  Due to this mix Volcan Baru National Park is one of the most popular parks in Panama. It can best be reached by plane from Panama City (flight of one hour) or by car within six hours to David and another car trip of 30 minutes to Boquete. From Boquete you will arrive at the main entrance of the park where numerous hike paths are available to explore the National Park and get to know a lot about the nature in Panama.

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