Panama Beaches

The same pre-conditions applicable to the islands of Panama are also valid for the beaches in Panama. Thus Panama disposes of quite a lot splendid sand beaches on both, the Atlantic- and the Pacific Coast.

Particularly the beaches of the numerous small and large islands in Panama are real paradises, as many of them are practically unspoiled and consequently hardly visited. Whether you prefer white, fine-grained sand beaches or volcanic black ones – Panama offers a wide selection for every ones taste. While travelling in Central America you will get to know a lot of beautiful beaches, but Panama disposes of the largest variety.

Popular beaches on the Pacific Coast of Panama

The most beautiful beaches in Panama and Cocle

  •  El Farallon - El Farallon is a long and very popular beach in Panama. It is located in the province of Cocle, near Rio Hato. The sand is of very fine and white grains.

  •  Playa Blanca - In english, translated on the basis of the color of its sand, it is called - "White beach". It is one of the most famous beaches of Cocles Pacific Coast and is home to large hotel resorts.

  •  Punta Chame - Punta Chame is a sandbar that stretches far out into the Pacific Ocean. A kind of cape with a white sandy beach and coconut trees. It is very suitable for kite-surfing.

    Punta Barco - Punta Barco is a very beautiful and clean sandy beach between Coronado and Playa Rio Mar. There are similar to Coronado large residential complexes, villas and golf courses.

  •  Playa Gorgona - A very popular beach among the locals because it is not even 1 hour away from Panama City. There are beach bars, small cabanas and larger hotels.

  •  Playa Coronado - Coronado is a beach on the Pacific Coast, about 1 hour drive from Panama City. Many locals and foreigners have their holiday homes and apartments overthere. The infrastructure is excellent in this place. There are several supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, a hospital, banks and several shops.

  •  Playa Rio Mar - Playa Rio Mar is another beach along Cocle Riviera. It is also known for its white sand and turquoise blue waters.

  •  Playa Santa Clara - kilometer-long sandy beach on the tropical Pacific Ocean. For little money you have the opportunity to horsebackride on the horses of the locals, which is especially for children a nice experience.

The most beautiful beaches in Chiriqui

  •  Las Lajas - an approximately 20 km long white sand beach on the Pacific Coast of Panama. It is the most popular beach in Chiriqui and very weekend destination number one for locals. At Las Lajas there is also the possibility to surf.

  •  Barqueta Beach - only about 40 minutes away from David lies the beach La Barqueta. It is a beach of very dark sand and there is no real touristic infrastructure. Much like Las Lajas, this beach is very long and it's great for surfing.
  •  Playa Hermosa - Just around the vicinity of the village Horconcitos and about 1 hour away from David is Playa Hermosa. This small but very charming sandy beach is still a secret among tourists.

The most beautiful beaches in Los Santos

  •  Playa Venao - Playa Venao offers perfect surfing conditions. It is the most famous beach in Panama among the surfers and a very popular destination for locals to spend their holidays. This beach regularly hosts international surfing competitions.

  •  Playa Uverito - A small beach which is very popular among the locals from the neighborhood in Los Santos. It is located very close to Las Tablas and Pedasi.

The most beautiful beaches in Veraguas

  •  Playa Santa Catalina - What was once a small fishing village, is now one of the most popular surfing beaches of Panama. For surfers Playa Santa Catalina is an absolute must. In addition, all the boats that head to Coiba Island, start from Santa Catalinas port.

Beaches of Panama’s Caribbean Coast

Many beaches are directly connected with destinations on islands in Panama. This particularly applies to beaches on the Caribbean Side of Panama. We have therefore collected further information about the beaches on Panama’s Caribbean in "Islands in Panama".

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