Barqueta Beach

La Barqueta, a coastal region in the province Chiriqui, is located in the western part of Panama. It can be reached by car within 40 minutes

from David, the capital town of the province Chiriqui. La Barqueta with Barqueta Beach is the only seaside resort of the province and known beyond the frontiers, particularly due to its surfing area and deep-sea fishing. The neighbouring town Alanje, about 15 minutes away from Barqueta Beach, accommodates the oldest church of the province. Furthermore it is the centre for farming (mainly rice cultivation) and fishing. La Barqueta comprises owner-occupied flats and holiday homes respectively the La Barqueta Resort with the hotel Las Olas and a few, clean and simple restaurants. Barqueta Beach features dark-grey, very hot sand and is accessible to the public. As it is near to a mangrove mouth, the water is sometimes murky. With exception of the holiday season you can walk for miles without meeting another person. For a little money you can buy a day ticket at the Resort Hotel Las Olas to use the pool, bar and fitness room. Fourteen kilometres of the eastern beach are within a nature protection area where the sea turtles bury their eggs at high tide. Against payment of $5 you will be given a permit at the ranger station to watch this burying during the night.

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