Las Lajas

The sand beach Playa Las Lajas – crowded with palms - at the Pacific coast of Panama is one of the most beautiful places in Las Lajas.

Due to its enormous length of 20 km and the fascinating sunsets which can be enjoyed there it has become a very popular week-end destination of the nationals. Las Lajas is located in the region Chiriqui and is not yet crowded by tourists as tourism is still in its early stages of development there. Due to the ideal conditions for surfing – particularly for beginners – long boards and boogy boards can be rented in the bar El Mundo. Furthermore log-boat excursions in the almost unknown, but very large mangrove forest are quite popular. Both, flora and fauna of this area, which is close to the beach at the Pacific coast, offers you the possibility to watch alligators and rare bird species. Even in the rain period Playa Las Lajas is a very sunny place. Refreshments will be offered and served to you in numerous simple cabanas, traditional and international restaurants.

How do i get to Las Lajas?

You can either go very easily by car to Las Lajas or you may use public means of transport or taxis. From Panama City go to Bus Terminal Albrook and take a direct bus to David. From David there are busses that take you to Las Lajas.

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