Santa Clara Beach

Santa Clara Beach is located in Santa Clara, in the province Coclé, close to Panama City. The ocean at Santa Clara Beach is rather calm –

being to everybody’s taste. Due to its very long and silent beach, the fine and enjoyable sand, the clear water and the enchanting ambiance Santa Clara Beach is the ideal destination for a family trip.

A Quiet Place with Everything You Need

As Santa Clara Beach offers numerous possibilities for eating typical Panamanian meals, it is not necessary for you to bring some food along. Against payment of a small fee you are moreover granted the opportunity to ride the horses of the locals, which will be a great event particularly for your children. 

I would like to go there, but how?

Santa Clara Beach is situated in Santa Clara, in the province Cocle, close to Panama City. You can go to the beach either by bus or car within about one hour.

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