Panama Islands

The Atlantic- and the Pacific Coast of Panama contain numerous fantastic islands à la Robinson Crusoe. The special feature of many islands in Panama is their partly unspoiled or hardly developed condition.

No matter whether you – as an eco-tourist - are looking for an adventure, or if you – being a diver, fisherman or surfer - try to find a suitable place for pursuing your hobby or whether you only want to relax and calm down, the islands in Panama will fulfill every wish and will help you having a great time on your holidays in Panama. Various accommodations (hotels, hostels and resorts) and price-classes are offered for every budget. Book your place to stay in Panama and experience this country in your temporary own four walls.

The Most Beautiful Islands on the Caribbean Coast of Panama

Islands in Bocas del Toro

  •  Bastimentos Island - Isla Bastimentos (english: Bastimentos Island) is located in the province of Bocas del Toro. Part of this amazing island is under strict protection because of National Park status. It enjoys big popularity ever since it became venue of most Latin American "Survivor" - seasons.

  •  Colon Island - commonly knows as Isla Colon is part of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro and the largest island among the numerous tropical Islands. The island was named after its discoverer, none other than Christopher Columbus.

  •  Isla San Cristobal - Isla San Cristobal also forms part of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. The island is not touristic at all. Around the island there are two beautiful coral reefs and plenty of lonely beaches.
  •  Solarte Island - Isla Solarte is also part of the vast archipelago. The island is home to over 300 species of trees and therefore home to over 300 species of tropical birds. The flora and fauna of the island is unique.
  •  Isla Carenero - Isla Carenero or Carenero Island is one of the smallest islands of the archipelago and is located near Colon Island and the capital of the archipelago Bocas town. To get to this charming caribbean island just take a water taxi. The trip only takes a couple of minutes.

  •  Coral Cay - Cayo Coral is an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving. As you can figure by its name, it is surrounded by a coral reefs and is one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel almost 365 days a year.

Islands in Colon

  •  Isla Grande - Isla Grande is located in the province of Colon and is a popular spot for weekend trips and festivities. Even tho the name is translated Big Island it is rather a small but really idyllic island. A lot of Surfers love to go to Isla Grande because of its good waves.

Islands in Kuna Yala

  •  San Blas - The San Blas Arichpel is located in the autonomous region of Kuna Yala / Guna Yala and is home to the Kuna Indians. The archipelago is one of the most beautiful touristic destinations that Panama has to offer. Cruise ships, catamarans and luxurious yachts make a stop here to enjoy this tropical paradise. Divers, snorkeler, angler and beach holidaymaker find excellent conditions on the islands of San Blas.

The Most Beautiful Islands on the Pacific Coast of Panama

Islands in Panama City

  •  Barro Colorado Island - Barro Colorado Island in the Gatun Lake is located in the middle of the Panama Canal. The island is a natural reserve since 1923. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute operates a research center on Barro Colorado.

  •  Taboga Island - Also known as Isla Taboga is not far from Panama City and is a great destination for a day trip. The beach is quite nice and the tiny village is very charming with its colorful houses. A ferry runs twice daily from Calzada de Amador in Panama City.

  •  Contadora Island - Originally called Isla Contadora is the most popular island of the Pearl Islands. The "Archipielago de las Perlas", the Pearl Islands consist of 90 islands and 130 islets and are of volcanic origin. The beaches are of white sand and are perfect to enjoy the sun and the fresh water of the Pacific Ocean. Contadora Island is also a very popular diving and snorkeling spot.

  •  Taborcillo Island - In spanish: Isla Taborcillo is primarily known as "John Wayne Island". The actor was once owner of this small pacific island. It was a gift given for his services during the Panama Crisis of Omar Torrijos.
  •  Pearl Islands (Archipielago de las Perlas) -  The Pearl Islands are a dream come true in terms of tropical Islands. This amazing archipel is home to numerous white sandy beach Islands and therefore one of the top destinations to visit in Panama.

Islands in Veraguas

  •  Coiba Island - Isla Coiba is, with almost 500 km², not only the largest island in Panama, but also the largest American island in the Pacific Ocean. The natural potential of the island is immense. Not without reason it is considered as a nature reserve since 1991.

  •  Cebaco Island - Ceboca Island is not far from Panamas largest island Isla Coiba. About 650 people inhabit this island, who live mainly from fishing. The island has therefore hardly touristic infrastructure and have so far only attracted a lot of surfers that enjoy the constant good wave conditions.

  •  Isla Gobernadora - Gobernadora Island is located close to the shores of Veraguas and has remained completely untouched by tourists
  •  Isla Montousa - is a tropical Island located just between National Park Gulf of Chiriqui and Coiba National Park right in the center of the famous Hannibal Bank.

Islands in Los Santos

  •  Iguana Island - Isla Iguana is located in the province of Los Santos and is not far from the popular beachtown Pedasi. The Island is a small paradise in the Pacific Ocean. If you are into white sandy beaches and clear blue water, then this your place to be.

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