Bastimentos Island

Bastimentos Island is located in the province Bocas del Toro in Panama. It is the most central island of the archipelago and known not

at least as the area of "Punta Vieja" was used as film location and venue for most of the Latin-American “Survivor”-series. The island – being surrounded by nature and fresh air - will for sure meet your idea of a barely inhabited Caribbean island. As Bastimentos consists almost only of jungle, there are no streets or landing runways, so that the island can only be reached by boat. The island is primarily inhabited by native Indians.

Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park

Bastimentos accommodates a little town, a few private houses, smaller hotels and projects as well as some lodges for eco-tourists. The island is a real paradise and - thanks to its properly functioning ecosystem - the home of many different animal species such as sloths, frogs, turtles, exotic insects, reptiles, snakes etc. A part of Bastimentos as well as the principal part of the water environment around the island belong to the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park founded in 1988.

The Island of Numerous Possibilities

Not only adventurers or nature freaks are fond of visiting Bastimentos Island, as the island has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and one of the most known beaches of Bocas del Toros, the so-called "Red Frog Beach". In addition to its ideal conditions for swimming, it is also perfect for surfing and thus highly appreciated by regional and international surfers. The large reef formations which surround the island will invite you to go swimming and diving. The island with numerous mangroves can be explored in detail by kayaks.

The rich flora and fauna offer to you various activities such as walking on a lot of paths and ways in the jungle and on numerous beaches as well as swimming, snorkelling, diving and even surfing in the blue-green sea. But the most popular activity is „relaxing body, mind and soul” while listening to the sounds of the sea.

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