The island Isla Canas is located in the province Los Santos in the district Tonosi. The sea turtles living there use the 13 km long beach

as breeding-place. The employees of the National Environmental Authority - abbreviated with ANAM – are living in a nearby fishing village and protect – in cooperation with the inhabitants – thousands of turtles which arrive at the beach for breeding there. About 35 flight minutes away from Panama City the province Herrera is located. You can go by car via the Pan American Highway first to Chitrè; from here it will take another two hours to go to Canas. The island “Isla Canas” will then be reached by boat within ten minutes. This island is a very extraordinary island which is also called „Barrier Island“. It is thirteen kilometres long and only 175 metres wide at the narrowest point. This small island with mangrove forests mainly concentrates on the breeding and conservation of the various species of sea turtles. You never know exactly when these animals will enter the beach for breeding, but if you like camping at the beach, you will have the greatest opportunity to watch them under the cover of darkness.

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