Carenero Island

Carenero Island is a small island in the archipelago Bocas Del Toro at the Caribbean coast of Panama. If you intend to visit Carenero Island,

you should first go to the town Bocas Del Toro. Upon arrival, Carenero Island can be easily and rapidly reached on board of one of the water taxis. As Bocas Del Toro is located within a chain of islands in the Caribbean, you can go there either by plane or ship.  For travellers who are going to Panama from North America or Europe it will be best to fly to Panama City or San Jose, Costa Rica. From both of these towns you can book a short flight to Bocas Del Toro. The side of the island which is opposite to Colon Island is quite densely populated with numerous simple houses being squeezed side by side. The side towards Bastimentos is rather deserted and does not feature anything but a few small hotels and a minor beach. Crashing waves are typical of the north part of the island; the coast is fairly robust having more mud and farmland than beaches.

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