Cebaco Island

Cebaco Island – belonging to Panama – is located in the Gulf of Montijo in the Pacific Ocean. About 650 persons are living on an area

of almost 8.500 hectares, making their living mainly from fishing. The island is directly in front of Coiba Island, one of the most beautiful national parks of Panama and can be reached by boat in about 40 minutes from the mainland. Bridle paths and hiking trails lead you to the mountains of the island where you will find tropical broadleaf trees, a variety of exotic fruits and many sources with refreshing water. The mountain peaks grant you a gigantic view all over Cebaco Island and the ocean. A lot of different water birds are living at the banks of the island – it is a unique event to watch them. Divers and snorkelers can admire an incredibly multifaceted underwater world. Dolphins, tuna, whale sharks, mantas and a great deal of further different fish species are living at the reefs and in the ocean. It is even possible to watch whales in September and October when they are passing by. Due to the extraordinary breakers it is a paradise for surfers to practise their sports there. Santa Catalina, Playa Grande and some further, rather unknown surfing areas are close to Cebaco Island – all of them are fascinating every surfer.

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