Coiba Island

Coiba Island is located offshore the Pacific coast of Chiriqui and Veraguas in the Gulf of Chiriqui. With an area of 493 km² Coiba Island is the largest

island of Panama and additionally the largest American island in the Pacific Ocean. It is not at all ranking behind the Galapagos Islands. Since 1991 the island has been declared a nature protection area. Furthermore it is the centre of Coiba National Park and accommodates the station of the ANAM.

Tropical Paradise - Coiba Island

The island is surrounded by white, fine-grained sand beaches and mangroves. Due to the inexpressibly large natural potential of the island it is preferably visited by eco-tourists, divers and deep sea fishers. In former times it was only used as penal colony of dangerous criminals, but after almost 100 years the prison was closed in 2004. Thanks to the isolation of the island many species could develop which are only living on Isla Coiba. In the course of the continuing evolution new species again and again appear. This fascinating ecological system allows you watching birds, plants and animals in their natural habitat. To give you a rough idea of the animals to be observed we are listing only a few: ocean turtles, crocodiles, dolphins, sharks, manta rays and humpback whales. Particularly due to the richness of fish the island is very popular, attracting hundreds of divers every year.

Administration and Arrival on Coiba Island

The arrival on Coiba Island requires the prior approval of ANAM (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente), the national authority of environment, as it has charge of the administration of the national park and the island. Only upon receipt of ANAM’s approval you are allowed to pay a visit to Coiba Island. You can stay overnight exclusively in the ANAM station as no holiday resorts and hotels have been established on the island.

I would like to go there, but how?

You can go by boat from Santa Catalina to Isla Coiba.

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