The "Archipielago de las Perlas", the Islands of Pearls, feature 90 islands and 130 small islands of volcanic origin. The larger islands

are Isla del Rey, Isla San Jose, Isla Saboga, Isla Pedro-Gonzales, Isla Pachega, Isla Viveros and Isla Contadora. In the late sixties Contadora Island was developed: streets, the first hotel and a small airport were built.

Contadora, one of the most popular destinations of Panama

Contadora (approx. 300 ha) - located in the middle of the Gulf of Panama - is not only one of the best known and most popular islands of Panama, but also one of the most exclusive touristic destinations all over the world. On Contadora Island a school, a small hospital and a church have been established. Its popularity is due to the 13 fine-grained white sand beaches with coconut palms and surrounded by crystal-clear water.  Thanks to the unimaginable transparency of the water you may enjoy a clear view to the bottom of shallow waters.

Activities on Isla Contadora

Contadora is the perfect place for setting your mind free and surrendering to the Caribbean flair. If you like to do sports, you will spend a great time on Isla Contadora, which is a hot spot particularly for divers. In addition to diving, snorkelling, sailing and fishing you can tour to neighbouring islands.

I would like to go there, but how?

Located in the middle of the Gulf of Panama, Isla Contadora can be reached either by plane or by boat. Whereas it takes about two hours to go there by boat, you will of course be a lot faster by plane and reach the island within 30-45 minutes. Flights and tours from Panama City to Isla Contadora are offered by the following Panama Airlines and Panama Tour Operators.

Hint of TravelPanama

As the Islands of Pearls respectively Isla Contadora are quite near to Taboga Island, trips from Contadora to Taboga can be easily combined.

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